Our Successes

Enjoy success tomorrow by creating a strategy for growth today. Throughout the years, Turocy and Associates LLC has helped many businesses return to profitability, expand their companies, and develop attainable strategic plans. We invite you to become a valued client. The following are examples of our successful projects.

Corporate Development

  • Strategic Acquisition for Large Textile Manufacturer, Increasing Profits by 10%
  • Directed Management Buy-Out of Architectural Firm & Construction Company, Securing Full Ownership for Management Team
  • Positioned 35-Year-Old Picture Frame Manufacturer for Merger with Fine Arts Company, Providing 30% Synergistic Increase in Market Share

Global Strategies

  • Developed & Implemented Maquiladora Operation for Southern California Manufacturer, Reducing Operating Cost by 35%
  • Implemented Global Outsourcing, Reducing Cost of Goods & Maintaining Quality Standards for: Textile Manufacturer, Machinery Manufacturer, Home Products Retailer & Steel Fabricator

Turnaround Management

  • Directed Restructuring & Recapitalization of Utility Truck Body Manufacturer, Resulting in Survival & Return to Profitability
  • Directed Strategic Re-Positioning of Southern California Commercial Creamery, Increasing Profits & Net Worth by More Than 50%

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